Feeding Your Cat

A reputation for being fussy eaters may precede them, but it’s with good reason that cats are known to turn their noses up at anything less than satisfactory. As hyper-carnivores, it is all about the meat. Choosing only the finest, highest quality food not only makes for a healthier, happier cat, it also should save you from making too many trips to see us.

Resist the urge to stock up on cheap, sloppy pouches and jelly-filled tins at the supermarket and choose fresh, raw meat complemented by brands offering good-quality wet and dry food. You’ll find lots of other carefully selected foods in our Shops and please do ask us for advice on the best diet for your cat.

What should be on the menu?

  • Very high protein content wet foods and dry foods – these can be pricier but are more in tune with a cat’s biological makeup, and help with weight control. We’re partial to hyper premium dry food from AATU and Orijen, and wet food from Natural Instinct, Schesir and Thrive.
  • Premium foods – Hill’s Vet Essentials dry food improves dental hygiene and Lily’s Kitchen is also a better-quality choice. But be careful with amounts, we don't want your cats carrying too much weight.
  • Meat – a few times a week, treat your cat to some strips of raw, fresh meat that they can sink those fabulous teeth into and chew.
  • Fibre – kitty cannot survive on protein alone, so make sure that house cats get some vitamins and fibre in the form of a nibble of plant material. Grow ‘kitty grass’ on the windowsill, serve up steamed vegetables such as broccoli and try out fresh herbs. They love cucumber, too. Outdoor and country cats will have access to plants and it’s perfectly normal for them to munch a little daily.
  • Go easy on the carbs – you don’t see a lithe puma tucking into a stodgy carb fest, and nor should your cat be. It’s a recipe for putting on the pounds.
  • Absolutely no cooked bones! The splinters can prove fatal. And say no to gravy- or jelly-filled tins and pouches, and non-meat-based treats.

How much food, how often?

Just like humans and an open packet of biscuits, if you leave food sitting in their bowl, your cat will eat it whether they are hungry or not. Over time this will cause them to become more portly than their natural, puma-like physique. Remember that cats are natural hunting creatures and should always be lean!

  • Feed your cat just twice a day – no grazing in between meals, please.
  • For male cats, we recommend that a quarter of their daily food intake is wet food or strips of raw meat.
  • Measure out food according to your cat’s weight – we can help you get this right, so just ask.


When it comes to treats, tread with caution as many are loaded with salt and fat. In our humble opinion, Thrive freeze-dried natural cat treats are the best.