Rabbit Dental Health

One of the most common problems we see in rabbits is dental disease, tooth and jaw problems.

A rabbit’s teeth grow continually and usually wear down by rubbing against each other when they eat. But if they’re not being given the right food – or are genetically inclined to tooth problems, such as the Dwarf breed – then some unpleasant dental issues can quickly develop.

The problem

If the teeth don’t wear down sufficiently, they don’t align properly. Once this happens, sharp ‘spurs’ can form on the teeth. These dig into the gums and mouth causing painful ulcers and cuts which need to be treated initially and again as teeth grow back.

How can you help prevent it?

  • As always, the magic word is ‘hay’. This high-fibre roughage really works the teeth.
  • Be a stickler when it comes to their diet. If you do feed them small amounts of rabbit mix, make sure they eat it all, not just their favourite (often least-healthy) bits.
  • Bring them in for regular check-ups. If tooth and gum problems develop into abscesses, they are very difficult to treat – and are often fatal.