Flea Prevention for Cats

Fleas are a common pest, but one that can be beaten with the right approach and treatment. If a cat has fleas, they can develop skin irritations and diseases, allergies and anaemia, and fleas can also transmit tapeworms.

The majority of pesky fleas actually live in the home, not on your pet, and although they’ll occasionally bite humans, don’t worry – they won’t set up home on you, either.

Treating your cat

  • Many products from pet shops and supermarkets are ineffective and contain compounds that the fleas have developed resistance to, which are also less safe than modern treatments.
  • We only prescribe treatments and sell products that work. The most reliable are Advocate Spot On, which treats fleas within 24 hours, and prescription only treatments, which we can only offer if we’ve seen your cat within the past year.
  • Don’t be wooed by gimmicks such as flea collars, powders, shampoos and sprays, electronic flea killers, garlic, tea tree and other herbal products which – believe us – won’t do the job!

Treating your home

Fleas can lay hundreds of eggs, which hatch into larvae, hide in cracks and cracks and crevices and lay over and over again to repeatedly infest your home and pet. Treat your home with Acclaim or Indorex sprays to kill off larvae, leaving no corner untouched to ensure a flea-free environment.