Health Insurance for Cats

It's important to insure your pet as soon as possible, try not to change companies or lapse if you can help it. Get the best cover you can afford, pay the bill, and the you can give us a claim form where we will fill out the medical section so that the insurance company pays you back. 

We strongly recommend pet insurance to all our clients. Good quality private veterinary care is expensive – there is no NHS for pets.

  • Pet insurance does not cover routine vaccinations, worming and flea-related or breeding problems.
  • You pay a monthly premium, the price of which depends on the age and breed of your animal.
  • For every condition there will be an excess-the first amount you pay before the insurance kicks in. It is usually one excess per condition, per year, not every visit.
  • There are many providers of Pet Health Insurance of varying quality. We recommend that you read the small print very carefully.
  • We recommend lifetime cover policies.