Health Insurance for Dogs

As there is no National Health Service for pets, finding a type of insurance that works for both you and your pet makes all the difference.

High quality pet treatment, the level of which we provide at Jolly Fine Vets, is expensive. But good insurance cover makes the load easier to bear. Choose your provider carefully and start your insurance the day you get your pet.

Why is veterinary care expensive?

In simple terms, veterinary care is the equivalent of you or I checking into a private hospital. At Jolly Fine Vets, our level of care, equipment, drugs and facilities are on a par with the best private hospitals for humans. So it certainly pays to be prepared and appropriately insured for any treatment your pet may need in the future.

How does pet insurance work?

  • You’ll pay a monthly premium, the price of which depends on the age and breed of your dog.
  • For every condition there will be an excess. You’ll pay the first amount before the insurance kicks in. It’s usually one excess per condition, per year, not every visit.
  • Pet insurance doesn’t cover routine vaccinations, worming and flea-related or breeding problems.
  • Insurance also doesn’t cover any pre-existing conditions, so think carefully before changing providers and ask us for advice first.
  • If your pet needs veterinary care, you can claim back the cost minus an excess fee, which is usually between £50 and £100 but can be a percentage of the cost for older pets.

We recommend lifetime cover policies. Cheaper policies usually only cover a condition for a year. And always read the small print very carefully!