Identity Microchips for Dogs

A microchip may only be the size of a grain of rice, but this little wonder makes a huge difference to your peace of mind – and to your pet’s wellbeing. Should your dog ever go missing, a microchip makes it easy for them to be identified and reunited with you.

How does it work?

The small chip contains a 15-digit number that’s unique to your pet. We register the number and your details online. But if your details change, it’s your responsibility to update them with the registration company.

How is the chip implanted?

The chip is injected below the skin between the shoulder blades, allowing it to be scanned should your dog ever go astray. Due to the size of the needle, we recommend booking microchipping for the same day as neutering or after treating the area with a local anaesthetic cream. Once in place, the microchip lasts a lifetime.

Have chip, will travel

A microchip is essential for jet-setting pets, too. If you’d like to take your pet on holiday with you (and why ever not?), they need to be microchipped to travel, whether on the Pet Travel scheme or if you’re going to live abroad. See Pet Passports for more details.