Neutering Your Rabbit

The clichés are all true. Leave your rabbit free to breed unimpeded and it jolly well will, and then some. But there are lots more reasons why neutering is good for your pet.

Why neuter your rabbit?

Rabbits that aren’t neutered have an incredibly strong urge to breed. If they can, they will with gusto, but if they can’t they will become frustrated, aggressive and depressed. So it’s fairer all round to have them neutered.

What’s more, un-neutered female rabbits have a very high risk (80% by the age of six years) of developing a malignant uterine cancer known as adenocarcinoma. This cancer spreads quickly and is fatal.

Our neutering process

We have developed a special rabbit anaesthetic protocol to ensure the general anaesthetic for any rabbit procedure is as safe as it can possibly be. Because rabbit anaesthetics can be more risky than those of other pets, we take great care. We give your rabbit gut stimulants, extra pain relief, pre-op fluids and use a special warm air blanket designed for human paediatrics to keep them toasty and comfortable.

We are also the first practice in London to use non-invasive breathing tubes and are delighted to say that our rabbit anaesthetic record is excellent.