Puppy Pre-school

We believe that introducing your pup to the great big world – and the variety of people and other dogs in it – is the most important thing you can do for their development and wellbeing.

Because all dogs descend from wolves (even the impossibly fluffy, cutest of breeds), they are a naturally sociable bunch and thrive in a pack. The first 15 weeks of a pup’s life are a crucial time for learning how to interact with others and their all-new world. So as soon as their first vaccination has begun to take effect, it’s your job as ‘tribe leader’ to make sure that their social skills are tip-top.

Puppy parties

Our puppy parties are designed to set them on the right track. Held weekly for four weeks, these 90-minute socialisation sessions cover everything from preventing illness to toilet training – a must for all new ‘parents’.

What to expect

Walking into a room full of strangers can be daunting, but our parties are the perfect opportunity for pups to learn the tools with which to navigate any social situation confidently, if not gracefully. In just four weeks, they’ll learn how to integrate with other dogs and people, play politely and lots more. By the end of the four sessions all puppies should have the skills to:

  • interact with humans and dogs of all ages
  • follow direction, such as being consistently recalled
  • walk on a lead by your side
  • sit on command
  • go down on command
  • and be house trained and know not to bite.

When and where

Puppy parties take place at our Canonbury Practice every Tuesday and at Pet Vet in Highgate every Wednesday between 7.30pm and 9pm. The first two sessions are £15 each and the final two are just £5 each. You are, of course, welcome to bring along your partner or interested family members, too. Please also bring training treats and a toy, plus a collar and lead. Remember, your puppy must have had its first vaccination at least a week before and be in good health.

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