Vaccinating Your Rabbit

Just because your rabbit doesn’t hop very far doesn’t mean that it can’t pick up serious diseases.

The big two – and most serious – are Myxomatosis and Viral Haemorrhagic Disease. But the good news is that they can both be vaccinated against with a single, annual injection.

Both diseases are fatal and spread between rabbits or by fly, flea and mosquito bites.

  • Myxomatosis is commonly found in wild rabbit populations. It causes swelling of the face, ears and genitals. Recovery from is rare and affected pets often need to be put down to prevent suffering.
  • Viral Haemorrhagic Disease is a very serious and particularly nasty condition, which causes a high fever, internal bleeding and liver disease. It is usually rapidly fatal and is spread by direct contact between rabbits (both wild and domesticated) and indirect contact, such as insects, people, clothing, shoes and other objects.

Rabbits from the age of five weeks old can be vaccinated against both of these conditions by a single injection, which lasts for twelve months.